Sports Complex


A balanced attitude in both victory and defeat can be acquired only through sports. Govt. Ranbir College, Sangrur provides umpteen opportunities to unleash the latent reserves of energy of our youth through various sports events. The college has a full-fledged department of Physical Education that imparts vigorous training to the students for participating in a variety of games such as Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Boxing, Athletics, Chess, Judo, Marathon Race, Gymnastics, Aquatics, Rugby, Kabaddi (NS + PS) Karate, Wrestling, Handball and Tug of War.

  • A proud recipient of Govt. Ranbir College inter-college tournaments trophies in Baseball, Cricket, Boxing, Handball, Swimming and Gymnastics many times, as winners and runners-ups.
  • The college has a rich history and the rare honour of having produced international and national level sportsmen.
  • Physical Education can be taken as one of the elective subject.
  • Expert guidance and training is given by the component trainers.
  • The college participates in university sports tournaments in various games.
  • The members of college teams must report at various tracking grounds in various games.
  • Sports persons with outstanding sports merit are given admission to the college on priority basis with the concession of fear.
  • No college student can get himself or herself registered with any outside club without prior permission of the principal.
  • Players are expected to be regular in attending their classes. They are exempted from their classes only during camp or tournament days.
  • The college annual Athletic Meet is held every year and prizes are awarded to the winners of various events. The player who got maximum marks by winning the vents awarded with Best Athlete among boys and girls sections both

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                                                                                     College Library
The newly constructed library of our college stands as a bastion of learning, a sanctuary where students embark on intellectual journeys. With its extensive collection of more than 50,000 books, various magazines, newspapers and journals, it serves as an invaluable repository of knowledge. The college library is a place where students find not only information about their subjects but also a place to connect with the wisdom of the past and the ideas of the future. The library has well lit reading halls and can accommodate about 200 students for reference at any time. The books in the library are arranged subject-wise. A complete record is kept for the issuing of the books. Every year new books are added according to the requirement and abiding with the new syllabus prescribed by the university.

Reading Room

College Canteen

The college canteen is a hub of activities on campus. Situated in the middle of the college campus and surrounded by lush green lawns, our college canteen serves as a cuisine center for students and faculty members alike. The canteen offers a diverse menu catering to a wide range of tastes, from quick snacks to sometimes full meals, if required. Canteen is a place where students gather and get engaged in lively conversations. Besides the food and the drinks, it also serves as a venue for creating memories and forming friendships that extend beyond the classrooms, making it an integral part of the college experience.

Parking Facility

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