Best Practices

During 2023-24, As part of implementation of best practices, many steps are taken to maintain or improve institutional quality and safeguard the environment are as under:

Government Ranbir College, Sangrur, is committed to holistic community development and regularly organizes a diverse array of events to address pressing societal issues. From tobacco control campaigns to drug de-addiction workshops, these initiatives promote healthy living and wellbeing. Blood donation camps showcase the college's commitment to saving lives, while "Best Out of Waste" projects encourage sustainability and creativity. Additionally, Van Mahotsav events underscore the importance of environmental conservation. These multifaceted efforts exemplify the college's dedication to fostering a better society through education and community engagement.

• In commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, Government Ranbir College undertook a two-week marathon parade as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This enthusiastic initiative aimed to instill Gandhian principles of cleanliness and hygiene. Students and staff tirelessly participated in various cleanliness drives, spreading the message of cleanliness and community responsibility in honor of the great leader's legacy.

Self Help group (HUNAR) -

2 Objective-

The purpose of this practice is to generate handcraft skills in students. Alongside their study, the students can expertise some daily household chores and then further strengthen themselves in these daily household handcraft skills to make them sources of earning.

3 Context -

This practice helps in pedestalizing the ability or talent of the students to work. The students come ahead to work (especially manually) unhesitatingly driven by their inner spirit for competition. The majority of our college's disciples comprise students from rural areas. Most of them belong to proletariat section of the society who earns their bread daily with sweat and blood. Keeping in mind the interests of students belonging to such sections of the society, our college provides guidance (other than academic) to these students with time to time so that this guidance can benefit them at some point of time in near future.

4 The Practice -

With the purpose of overall personality development of the students, many such training camps and workshops are organized in our college which will definitely prove beneficial for students in their future. Especially the NSS units running in the college, they keep on organizing such skill development oriented activities during their camps. In a 7 day NSS camp of Unit 4 (girls) organized during the session 2019-2020, girl students were motivated towards daily household chores which are otherwise seen as menial jobs. But under the expedition titled "Hunar" girl students were motivated by professionals. The girl students made pickles, sculptures from clay and also designed envelopes used on typical cultural occasions. These different handmade resources and tools were also presented on the last of the camp as exhibition. The students and teachers of the college bought useful items from this exhibition. The students can also get useful outcome out of this beyond mere learning. They also earned though a little. It was a wonderful sight to see the glowing faces of the students after this meager earning, for it had stroked a sense of confidence in them for hard work.

5 Evidence of Success: -

This practide (which was started with the motive of encouraging students towards learning remained a success. Our college encourages students especially belonging to the humble and downtrodden backgrounds) towards such handcraft skills so that they can be self-dependent when it comes to earning which will lighten the burden of their aged family members.

It also ignites a sense of honesty and hard work amongst them. Such activities help students in strengthening themselves in useful handcraft chores which will be beneficial in future. If one didn't get any govt. job, he /she can earn their bread by such handcraft skills and they would be able to fulfill the basic household needs of daily life. In this way this practice encourages students towards autonomous jobs. Because when they will work hard, this will also help in strengthening the moral standard of the students.

6 Problems encountered and resources required -

There wasn't any problem during this practice because whatever the students had spent on different things, they also get it back in the form of earning during exhibition. The college administration should hold such activities to encourage autonomous professions according to the choice or interest of the students. The alumni of college will one day play their respective part in the. society and will help the society with their due contribution.

A detailed and enlightening lecture was organized at Government Ranbir College, Sangrur, under the diligent supervision of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell and Gender Equity Society. The Special Guest for the event was the Station House Officer (SHO) of Sangrur. During this informative session, the SHO shared valuable insights on women's welfare, safety, and legal rights. The lecture addressed pressing issues related to gender-based violence and provided practical advice on self-defense and seeking assistance in times of need. The event aimed to empower and educate women about their rights, ensuring that they can lead a life free from harassment and discrimination. It was a significant step towards creating a safer and more equitable environment within the college and the community as a whole.

Government Ranbir College, Sangrur is taking proactive steps to empower its students by conducting a

comprehensive workshop

under the diligent supervision of the Career

GuidancePlacementand Skill Development Cell. Scheduled from September 25th to September 29th, 2023, thisworkshop focuses on the Vocationalizationand Skill DevelopmentScheme, providing students with valuable insights into career-oriented skills. The workshop aims to equip students with practical skills and knowledge that are essential for their future employability and career growth. Through a mix of interactive sessions, expert guidance, and hands-on training, students will have the opportunity to enhance their skill sets, ensuring that they are well-prepared to navigate the competitive job market and make informed career choices.

Government Ranbir College remains dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are equipped with both academic knowledge and practical skills for a successful future.

At Government Ranbir College, the commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices is exemplified by the steadfast adherence to a "No Stubble Burning" policy.

Recognizing the detrimental impact of stubble burning on air quality and overall environmental health, the college has implemented stringent measures to discourage this harmful agricultural practice. By actively promoting alternative methods of crop residue management, such as mulching and plowing, the institution contributes to the mitigation of air pollution and supports the overall well-being of the community. This best practice not only reflects the college's dedication to environmental stewardship but also serves as an educational example for 

students, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and instilling values that extend beyond the academic realm. In embracing a "No Stubble Burning" approach, Government Ranbir College sets a commendable standard for sustainable practices that resonate with the principles of ecological harmony and responsible citizenship.

  • "Best out of waste" is a celebrated best practice at our institution, where discarded materials are creatively repurposed into useful and innovative items. This sustainable approach not only reduces waste but also encourages students to think creatively and environmentally consciously.
  • Van Mahotsav, an integral part of our Environmental and Awareness Society's best practices, is an annual tree-planting event that promotes environmental conservation. It raises awareness about the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance, and empowers students to actively participate in preserving our planet by planting and nurturing trees.

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