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Electoral Literacy Club
An Electoral Literacy Club is a platform to engage college students through interesting activities and hands-on experience to sensitize them to their electoral rights and familiarise them with the electoral process of registration and voting. ELCs are also present in colleges and rural communities. At ELCs, learning meets fun. Activities and Games are designed to stimulate and motivate students promoting them to think and ask questions. Through ELC, the Election Commission of India aims to strengthen the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.
Dr Gulshandeep (Convener)
Dr Mandeep Kaur (Member)
Prof Kamlesh (Member)
Prof Rama Sharma ( Member) 


Govt. Ranbir College Sangrur has four units of NSS. Programme officers are Rupinder Kumar Sharma (Unit-I Boys), Sudha Rani Sharma (Unit-II Girls), Jagdeep Singh (Unit-III Boys) and Tapinder Kaur (Unit-IV Girls). Motto of NSS is “NOT ME BUT YOU”. All the units have adopted different villages to do the various activities. Unit-I and Unit-II has adopted villages Sohian Kalan, whereas Unit-III and Unit-IV has adopted Baguanna. NSS has some regular activities and some special activities.
Regular activities involve one day camps, celebrations of various national and International Days. Special activities involve seven day and night camp.
In one Day camps, volunteers perform various duties like Cleanliness, rallies, awareness campaign etc.
Various days like International Yoga Day, International Women Day, Unity Day, Environment Day, The Voter’s Days are celebrated by volunteers.
During seven day and night camps, volunteers are selected based upon their attendance and performance in one day camps. In special camps, the calendar is prepared for various activities. Rations is purchased for 7 days. After inauguration volunteers are divided into different committees like Kitchen Committees, Press, refreshment, reception and management committees. Tasks are assigned to them and camp is started. Various lectures are organised to aware the volunteers and the villagers. The routine activities done in 7-day camp are:
(i) Cleanliness
(ii) Digging of Pits
(iii) Awareness Lectures
(iv) Yoga Activities
(v) Exercise and aerobics in morning session
(vi) Survey in the village
(vii) Medical camp
(viii) Preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner
(ix) Games in the evening session
(x) Rallies
(xi) Various competitions like Mehndi, Rangoli, Poster making etc.
(xii) Tree Plantation
(xiii) Awareness regarding drug abuse
The attractive part of the camp is to make food for all the volunteers and cultural activities in the evening session.
The main objective of NSS is to aware the volunteers about the social evils and to prepare them for the betterment of society. NSS teaches the leadership qualities, team management, and to help others during need. It helps the individual to be the better human being.
Recently performed activities by NSS
1. Awareness against drug abuse in collaboration with Buddy Programme.
2. Meri Mati Mera Desh
3. Rally against stuble burning in 9 villages.
4. Khadi Mahautsav
5. World Environment Day (5th June)
6. Indian Organ donation day (3rd August)
7. Swachh Bharat Mission
8. Awareness against the use of plastic – say no to plastic movement.
9. Blood donation camp.
10. Plantation of 75 sampling with the help of SBI.
11. Workshop on gender sensitization Induction Programme.
12. Teachers Day Celebration.
13. World Ozone Day- Healing the Ozone layer & combating climatic changes.

DAPO (Buddy)

Women Welfare Club

                                                                         WOMEN WELFARE PREVENTION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT CELL
                                                                                                                      AND GENDER EQUITY SOCIETY


The Society was formed to solve the grievances of girl students, if any. The aim of the society is to prevent every kind of harassment faced by the girls and also to prevent the inequality based upon Gender. The present convenor of the society Madam Nirmal (Lect. In English) has been working hard to carry out the objectives of the society. Keeping in view, the welfare of girl students and female staff members various activities like Mehndi Competition, Teej Celebration were organized (in August) by the society. The society also aims at organising lectures to generate awareness among the girls to handle the harassment faced by there in day-to-day life.



​​​​​​​​​Women Welfare Society

​​​​​​​​​Govt. Ranbir College, Sangrur

Narcotic Cell

Youth Welfare

Red Ribbon Club

Differently Abled Cell

Placement and Career Counselling Cell

Career Guidance, Placement and Skill Development Cell
Having a strong Career Guidance, Placement and Skill Development Cell can significantly contribute to students’ success in the job market and their overall professional development. The college has a well-established Career Guidance, Placement and Skill Development Cell which helps in providing students with information about various career options, helping them make decisions about their future. The cell often assists students in finding job opportunities and internships, often by collaborating with companies and conducting campus recruitment and placement drives. The cell keeps organizing workshops, training programs and resources to enhance students’ skills, making them more employable. Industrials tours are also organized from time to time to have interactions with industry professionals to build students’ networks. The cell also tries to support students in starting their own businesses or entrepreneurial ventures by exposing them to various professionals.

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