Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Month Activities
June/July Summer Vacation according to schedule of Punjabi University Patiala
August  I.            Admission in all the courses (After Vacation)     
II.            Classes start: Sem I, Sem III, Sem V   
III.            Enrolment of N.S.S and N.C.C   
IV.            P.T.A  elections scheduled on the last Saturday of August
September  I.            Enrolment in Red Cross     
II.            Van Mahaotsav   
III.           Tutorial Groups   
IV.           Last date of change in Elective subject of B.A. I (Sem-I)     
V.            Meeting of tutorial groups (2 Meetings in a month)   
VI.           Teacher’s day celebration 
VII.          Drug De-addiction workshop
VIII.         Lectures from different department/ societies   
IX.           Talent Hunt program     
X.            Submission of AQAR report to NAAC
October  I.            Selection of college magazine editors     
II.            N.S.S camp   
III.           Educational tour   
IV.           Blood donation camp
November I.            Awareness program by red cross unit in the village Ubhawal     
II.           U.G.C sponsored seminar
December I.            Final exams of Semester 1st, 3rd , 5th according to schedule of Punjabi University Patiala     
II.           Winter vacation according to schedule of Punjabi University Patiala
January I.            Classes start: Sem 2, Sem 4, Sem 6     
II.           N.S.S camp   
III.          National voter’s day celebration   
IV.          Blood donation camp     
V.           Activities from different departments, societies and clubs
February I.            Annual sports day
March I.            Annual prize distribution day     
II.            International women’s day celebration   
III.            Inauguration of the Ranbir Magazine
May I.            P.T.A fund audit     
II.            Examination schedule: 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester
June I.            H.E.I.S Audit report
Besides these activities, celebrations of different national and international days

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