Principal's Message


Our Principal says it all 

 In this dramatically changing world, everything is in a perennial process of redefining and reshaping itself. Education institutes are also not immune to these sweeping changing. In present world, an education institute is expected to play a sacrosanct role in nation building. We, at Govt Ranbir College, Sangrur are of firm conviction that any education bereft of a strong moral character serves little purpose. We intend to make our students more cosmopolitan, tolerant, democratic and progressive in their outlook so our country may become more robust and buoyant democracy in times to come. We are trying our best to bring a paradigm shift in attitude of our students so they may play a leading role in new world order. We are also doing our best to implement all govt policies and programs in letter and spirit. I extend a warm welcome to all my students and wish to Providence that they may hitch their wagon to stars in each and every endeavour of their lives.

                                                                                                                                            Prof. Harpal Kaur 

                                                                                                                          Principal ,Govt. Ranbir College Sangrur 

This document was last modified on: 06-Aug-2018